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Frequently asked questions

‚ÄčThe BOScoin platform is a decentralized self-evolving cryptocurrency that is built on Trust Contracts and an embedded decision making system called the Congress Network. (1) Trust Contracts are securely executable contracts based on a protocol layer called Owlchain, which consists of the Web Ontology Language and the Timed Automata Language. Trust Contracts aim to overcome the issues regarding non-decidable smart contracts by using a more contained and comprehensible programming framework which provides secure and decidable transactions of contracts. (2) The Congress Network is the decision making body in the BOScoin platform which solves governance issues arising in decentralized organizations.
BOSCoin explorer is for boscoin blockchain. Boscoin block explorer lets you view boscoin wallet balance, boscoin transaction details and many more.
Boscoin team has contacted many exchanges and they will update once any exchange allow trading boscoin. Currently boscoin is being traded on on IOU basis. Hitbtc bought around 700,000 boscoins during boscoin ico which it is selling on iou basis. Once hitbtc is conncted with boscoin blockchain. It will allow you to transfer boscoins to boscoin official web wallet. KUCoin is soon going to add boscoin so you will be able to buy there also.
Boscoin ico price was 0.043 cents per boscoin. In ico 40,000 boscoins were sold in 1 BTC. In total 500,000,000 coins were sold.
To run a boscoin node you need to have atleast 40,000 boscoins. Boscoin node don't require GPU. You can even run a node on raspberry pi. © 2017 is not affilated with the BOS Platform Foundation, or BlockchainOS, Inc. and is a community project.